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Watching TV has become the most comfortable activity for most of people even children. The children waste their times to watch TV very much than studying or doing their assignments. There are really some bad effects in watching TV that can influence chidren’s lives, for example, changing the life style of children, being consumerism, and bothering their studies. The first effect is changing the life style of children. Most of TV channels show soap operas, for examples Suka Sama Kamu and Angel’s Diary and the children watch them. Unluckily, the soap opera usually tells love relationship and gangster. It causes most of elementary school’s students have a special relationship with their friends. We know that it is not good for them. The second effect is being consumerism. On Sunday morning, the children prefer watching TV than doing their assignments or doing some sports. Unhappily, most of TV programs show snack advertisements, for examples Chitato, Momogi, and Richeese and they show them attractively. Of course, the children will be interested to them although they do not know about the dangerousof the snack. The third effect is bothering the children’s studies. The children usually do their assignments while watching TV. Actually it does not matter if the children still concentrate to their assignments but they are often more attracted to their TV than their assignments. If it happens immediately, of course their studies will be bothering because of their habitually activities. However, watching TV has many bad effects but it also has good effects such as increasing the children’s knowledges and entertaining the children. For the first good effect is increasing the children’s knowledges. Some of TV channels show science. The children also become creative by watching TV programs because they can learn how to make toys from second – hand things. The TV program is like Laptop Si Unyil and Bocah Petualang. It also helps reduce global warming. The second good effect is entertaining the children. The children also need entertaining programs like adult people. They can get them by watching TV. In other side, it cah help refresh their minds.The example of TV programs are SpongeBob SquarePants, Larva, and Upin & Ipin. After we know about some effects by watching TV, we can control our children’s habitually activities or make the schedule when can the children watch TV or not. In order they still can have achievements in their studies although they like watching TV.

Sherly Rasdiana Puteri Pratiwi


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