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Learning English for Young Learners

            Learning English is useful nowadays especially for young learners.  The most important reason is childhood is the best time to learning. Children are going to understand and remember whatever which is teached by parent easily. Thus, it is not impossible to teach them If they have learned English before, they will not get difficulty to learn English in the future. Another prominent reason is to develop children`s skill. When  we teach them English earlier, we might find that our children have a good skill in English. To develop children`s skill, we can ask the children to take an English course. We also used to communicate with English.   The least significant reason is for children`s future. English is an international language.  In Globalization era, everyone needs to use  English very good.  The children are pleased to use English very well. The competition of globalization is very complicated. Therefore, the children must prepare themselves from now. Therefore, English is an important language now and future. In case parents want their children become successful, they should introduce English to their children early.


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