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Child Language Development

Language development is a process starting early in human life. Children seem born not just to speak, but also to interact socially. There are some characteristics of child language development from 0-2 years, 3-5 years, and 6-10 years. In ages between 0-2 years, the child is more silent than crying. But some children use crying to start pronouncing vowels when crying. Even crying is a way to show the voice or the scream is not happy. Besides, they often imitate the sound while at the buckle with a coco and can recognize the correct pronunciation of familiar words. The child will also use phonological strategies to simplify word pronunciation. Some strategies include repeating the first consonant-vowel in a multisyllable word (‘TV’ » ‘didi’) or deleting unstressed syllables in a multisyllable word (‘banana’ » ‘nana’). By 3-5 years, phonological awareness continues to improve as well as pronunciation. They are able to mention the first name and the last name. A child starts asking questions planned best on the various words : who, what, where, etc and able to answer the question “if.....then what?”. Usually, at the 5 years children can use the conjuction “but”, define simple words, tell the difference of an object, and mention their hometown.  In general, children continue to add grammatical morphemes and gradually produce complex grammatical structures.  From 6-10 years, children refine the complex grammatical structures such as passive voice. Children can understand meanings of words based on their definitions. They are also able to appreciate the multiple meanings of words and use words precisely through metaphors and puns. Fast mapping continues. Besides, the children are able to communicate effectively in demanding settings, such as on the telephone. They can speak fluently using a complex sentence consisting of 5-6 words, to carry on a conversation without monopolizing the conversation. Moreover, a child often uses words that show the order, receives the simple message, and also mentions the names of his parents. In developing children's language, the role of parents is very important, especially a mother. A mother is the first person who can teach you how to say a word to her children . That way kids can easily communicate with people in their environment.


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