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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter are two kinds of social networks which are very popular.  We might think that they are totally different.  In fact, if we compare them, we can find some similarities between Facebook and Twitter.  The first affinity that we can find between facebook and twitter is the menu.  Facebook has three main menus which are home, profile and setting.  Just like Facebook, Twitter also has three main menus which are home, profile, and setting.  The second likeness that facebook and Twitter shared is profile picture.  I am sure Facebook user is familiar with a picture that they need to choose to be their profile picture.  Similar thing happens to Twitter user.  They can choose a picture to be their profile picture.  The third equivalent feature between them is the header in the profile.  Header is the background behind the profile picture, the purpose is to make our profile more interesting.  We can use any picture to be the header of our profile on Facebook.  We can do the same on our header of our profile on Twitter.  The other resemblance on Facebook and Twitter is both of them are free social networks.    Facebook is free to use.  We just need to make an account then we can use it freely.  So does Twitter as social network, it is free.  Make an account on Twitter so you can use it freely just like Facebook.  When we talk about the similarity, we have found many similarities.  On the other hand, it is easy to contrast Facebook with Twitter.  Facebook and Twitter have some differences.  Facebook as a social network has some distinctive features that makes it different from Twitter.  Icon is a must thing for social network.  We all know facebook’s icon is a blue square with “F” letter in the center of it.  Then, Facebook has a basic colour that is dark blue.  The colour is not too dark but it is darker than Twitter’s basic colour.  Another thing about Facebook is we cannot choose a picture for background.  The Facebook’s background is just plain and white.  When we use Facebook, we called our update as “status”.  Everytime we type things and share them, those are called “status” in Facebook.  With the same aspects in Facebook, we can clearly differentiate Twitter from Facebook.  Twitter has an icon of a blue bird.  It has an analogy that bird likes twitter.  Light blue is the official basic colour of Twitter.  It is exactly the same as the colour of the icon.  One special feature of Twitter is the background.  Unlike facebook, on Twitter we can change the background with a picture that we choose.  Another dissimilarity between Facebook and Twitter is the update.  In Twitter, everytime we share something, it will be called as “tweet”.  In a nut shell, we can say that Facebook and Twitter have both similarities and differences that make them look alike and different at the same time for some features.    It is good to make an account for each of them so that we can make a bigger network society.


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