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I want to tell you about my house in Trenggalek. My house in Trenggalek is very wide. There are 9 rooms in my house. There are living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, family room, toilet, and a small library. My living room is in front of and near the door. When you walk in my house, beside the living room there are 2 bedrooms. One is my parent’s rooms and the other is my room and my sister of course. Behind of my room there are kitchen and dining room. After that, my family room is in front of the toilet. Between family room and dining room, we have a small library. You can read a lot of books in there. Then, there is a guest room beside the toilet. I love my house because is really simple and not difficult to find it. People who have visited my house feel cool because my house is near the field and there are many trees and flowers in my house. How about your house?


home is for interest seekers, for fans of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocators. The place wherein one lives permanently, mainly as a member of a circle of relatives or household. Essay Service A domestic or dwelling house is a residing-location used as a everlasting or semi-permanent residence for an individual, circle of relatives, family or numerous families in a tribe

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