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Anjaa’a Birrqiy
Children’s TV watching
Watching TV is probably the most popular thing to do everyday.  Even children like to watch TV.  Have you ever thought about what will happen if children watch TV very often? TV watching for children has some advantages and disadvantages.  Talking about disadvantages, we can see it from some aspects.  For children’s health, watching TV is not good because there is a bad radiation from a television that can affect children’s health especially their eyes.  If children watch TV a lot, it will make them feel easily tired and probably they might have myopic eyes.  In affective aspects, TV can cause them to have bad figures who give bad examples in attitude to them.  Those bad examples such as smoking, drinking alcohol, having a relationship at young age and any others.  Another disadavantage of watching TV for children is in a cognitive way, it can make them be lazy because watching TV a lot makes them spend their time on TV more than study.  Even when they study, they might think about what they want to watch or what they have watched in TV.  Although TV has some disadavantages, we cannot deny that TV watching for children has some advantages too.  In educational aspects,  watching TV helps children to have wider knowledge about their world.  They can experience knowledge more efficient when what they watch is something educational like a cartoon story about saving environment.  Another aspect that we can assume as a good effect for children’s TV watching is psychology, watching TV may motivate children to do something creative or think about a dream.  Children might have a dream or a will because they have watched TV.  Affectively, some TV programs for children can be good, especially if their parents accompany them to tell them what is good to do and what should not do.  They can learn about the value of life from TV.  Considering the advantages and disadvantages of that, we can conclude that watching TV for children is not all bad but also good.  It is recommended that parents should guard their children and tell what to watch so that it will minimize the bad effects.


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