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GBA on English Skill Listening Learning

Education policy for English language teaching in Indonesia has been changed to improve the outcomes of English language teaching itself. One of the curriculum which has been implemented is Genre Based Approach. It is defined a genre as systemic functional linguistics that is concerned with the relationship between language and its function in social settings.There are four steps in GBA to be implemented in the teaching listening. The first step is Building Knowledge of Field (BkoF). This step aims to equalize general knowledge, background, or perception the students have. The teacher has to deliver the introduction about the material that she or he is going to teach to his or her students. The teacher and students build cultural context, share experiences, discuss vocabulary, and so on. For instance they are going to learn about Job Interview’, so the teacher has to explain them what it is about in general about a job interview. The second step is called Modelling of Text (MoT). The teacher could use a conversation, dialogue, talk show program, etc. as the material in listening teaching. This material will be useful for students to learn deeper about an interview. It may include much information about kinds of interview, what the things must be prepared before facing an interview, or the questions might be asked in the interview. So, the more information given by the teacher, the better students’ comprehension might have. In addition, the teacher could give other examples of interview. For instance an interview about selection for exchange student program. In short, at the second stage, students listen and respond to various interviews with similar communicative purposes. The third step is called as Join Construction of Text (JcoT). This step will be useful to gain a brainstorm of students’ opinion. From this step, students are supposed to have an open minded through discussing in the listening section. After students have knowledge about the material, the teacher is supposed to give an instruction to the students of the class to divide into some groups. The groups will discuss about some favourite jobs they want and the responsibilities of each job then they should present what they get. So every student also involved in the speaking and listening process. The fourth step is Independent Construction of text (ICoT). In this final stage, students are ready to work independently to improve their ability in listening. The teacher can let students work on their own. In other words, teachers should minimize their support, scaffolding and interference with students learning process. It will provide students with the opportunity to show their ability to strengthen their skill in listening to some interview questions which might be faced in the future. How far students’ ability and knowledge can be sharpened by doing such an examination or answering questions given by the teacher. The question will measure their comprehension in this material process. It also gains students’ confidence and independence. Briefly, the teacher is able to command her or his students to have a high English skill in listening by using the right step to improve and increase students’ comprehension. Therefore, Genre Based Approach is recommended to be applied to improve English skill listening at learning process.


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