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My bedroom is like my own photo museum in my house. You can see my photos are hanging in front of my door. I love photography and I love to do self-photo. I put there to show some of photos. When you open the door, you can find on the left wall is lined with three cupboards. The cupboard next to the door is small. It has 5 small shelves and it contains my accessories and bags. Besides the small cupboard, there is a bookcase. It is for my books, stationaries, collection stuff, and of course there is also my photos frame. On the corner of left wall, there is a wardrobe for my clothes, dolls, and bags. On the door of my cupboard, I put my photos when I went to a photo booth when I was 6th grade. There is a picture of me on center of back wall. It is my kindergarten’s graduation photo. My wooden bed is in the wall to the right. On the right wall, there are two rectangle windows. There are three pictures of me and my best-friend hang below the windows. In the corner of right wall, there is a big mirror. On the right of the mirror, there is another window on the right corner of front wall. My desk is beside the window. On the wall above my desk, there are many photos.  Not only mine, but also my idols’ and some picture that I took or found in the internet. I put those are on a green polystyrene.


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