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Kunta Billah


            I had a good time yesterday. There are many good things that happened to me. In the morning when I went to the bathroom in my boarding house, I got the first turn even though I wake up late. Therefore, I do not have to wait. Actually I am not woke up really late yesterday, but I still did not have enough time to have a breakfast. However, my class in the first and second period is suspended.  That means I had more than enough time to have a breakfast. In the afternoon I went to a book store. I found many good books, and I also found a book that I was looking for. I was really lucky because that book was the only one left in the store. I only had a class in the morning yesterday, and I did not have any assignment to do. As a result, I spent my time reading my new books until evening. At night I had a dinner together with my friend. This was our first dinner together since two weeks ago. We had not met each other much lately because we had so much assignment in the past few days. I really missed my friend, and we ended up talking for a really long time in the diner. When we went home, we met our old friend from high school. Meeting an old friend is really fun because we can share our. After telling each other story for almost two hours, we decided to go home. Yester day was a really nice day after such a good thing happened one after another. I would like to have a day like yesterday again.


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