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Kunta Billah

My House in Blitar City
            Other than my house in the village, my family has a small and simple house in Blitar city. My house in the city is only 8 meter square, and it stands in a 12 meters square land. It is a permanent house painted in red and is made of bricks. My house has six rooms which consist of a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. When you walk into my house from the front door you will be in the living room. The living room is only 4 meters square. The entrance is on the left side and there is another door on the corner between left wall and back wall and there is a glass window about one meter square near the entrance. There is a rug in the center of the room with a coffee table on it, and there is also a small cabinet at the back wall. The cabinet is as long as the back wall and its width and height is only 70 cm in. Now let move the center of the house trough the door from the living room. Facing the entrance door in the center of the room, you will find a bed room on your left side. It a 4 meters square bedroom. This bedroom is not the main bedroom, because of this, it only has a single bed and a vanity a cabinet inside. Now let move to another room, on the right side of the living room there is the main bed room. It also a 4 meters square bedroom. However, it has better furniture inside. In there we have a double sized bed, a vanity table, and a cabinet. The room also has two meter in length and one meter in height window that face the front yard. Still at the center of the room, moving clockwise from the main bedroom is where the bathroom located. The bath room is only about one and a half meter square. Next to the bath room we have kitchen at the corner of the house. It a simple kitchen because it only has basic kitchen equipment like, knife, frying pan, and boiler. Next to the kitchen there a back door which is across the front door. That is my house in Blitar ciy, it just a simple house because it very small and only has the basic rooms of a house like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.  We rarely use that house anyway.


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