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Life in a Dormitory VS Life in a Boarding House

Every potential college student anxiously anticipates moving into a dormitory or a boarding house for the first time. It can be exhilarating, but just like everything has its good and bad points. Before signing that housing lease, make certain you are aware of all aspects of dormitory life or boarding house life. Here are the differences between life in a dormitory and in a boarding house.  If you live in a dormitory, you cannot have your own room. You must share it with your room mate. At least you will have one room mate. It means you cannot be very free to manage your room. Beside, life in a dormitory will help you to find food. Your meals are served by the officer. You will not worry to prepare your breakfast in your busy day. Not only that, you do not have to go to campus by public transportation or even with a motorcycle, because every dormitory is located inside the campus, it is so close. Just go on food, you will be at your class after several minutes. You can also save your money without paying a public transportation. Now here is some information that may help you imagine how life in a boarding house is. Different from life in a dormitory, if you live in a boarding house, you can choose whether you want to have a roommate or not. You can have your own room of course with some extra money. It will be interesting if you can decorate or manage your room as beautiful as you want without obey your roommate’s idea. The unpleasant thing is most of boarding house does not prepare the meals, so you must take care of your health by preparing your own meals by yourself. Another freaky thing is although you pay a lot, you will not find a boarding house as near as a dormitory. Just prepare yourself before you go to campus in order not to come late. As a result, either life in a dormitory or life in a boarding house contains the advantages and disadvantages. It can help you to choose or decide live in a dormitory or live in a boarding house.
Although the differences are very contrast, dormitory life and boarding house life still have some similarities. Well one of the similarities among them is the facilities in a dormitory and in a boarding house are not as complete as in your house. For example, there is no AC (Air Conditioner) in a dorm, so if you feel the weather is too hot just go to the balcony and stay there to get fresh air. It happened in a boarding house, too. If you want your room stay cool, you can bring a fan from your house or just buy the new one. Another same thing is home sick tragedy. Usually after several weeks you do not meet your family, you will exactly feel home sick. For all people who live in a dorm or in a boarding house, no more suggestion, you should contact your family, go home, or ask them to visit you. Another similarity is if you live in a dorm or live in a boarding house, you must be independent. No one will advise you to take a bath, to take a pray, to lunch, to study, etcetera. No one will take care of you. No one will spend his or her time just to help you if you need a really help. You must do everything by yourself. You will gradually learn more about independently. In addition, beside life in a dorm or life in a boarding house are very tough, it has the positive value for you. Therefore you need to think twice before you decide to life in a dorm or life in a boarding house.


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