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Treasure Day
Every person must have an experience. I would like to tell you about my pleasure moment yesterday. Yesterday was my happiest moment in this week. How come? Let’s start from the earlier time! Yesterday morning at about 7 am, my routine was not like usually. Yeah, I did not need to prepare my breakfast like the previous morning. My friend bought me a lunch box of nasi pecel in a traditional market near my boarding house. What a thanks when I got a box of free delicious breakfast. The next marvelous thing was at about 11 am, I went to my grammar class. A day before yesterday my lecturer told me that she wanted to show the class about the rest of the test that held last week. I felt so terrible because I little bit hate grammar. It was so difficult when I tried to fill out the tough questions at that time. I entered my classroom, then my lecturer gave me a piece of paper while she said “good work”. I looked at the paper in a hurry. I decided to change my panic mime with the cute one. I was so exited and also satisfied with a score written in the right top corner of the paper. The score made me not to hate grammar course anymore. After the class was finish. My close friend asked me to go dinner with her. She wanted to buy some food for me because she got a scholarship at that time. It was so funny because she also promised me to give a barong cloth I ever told her before. What a gift was yesterday. I hope everyday will be done perfectly like yesterday. Event though I do no effort, I want to get the best. Well that is all about my treasure day. Yesterday will come on again, I hope. 


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