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Dewi Susan (120221401478)

 My House

            Most people said “My house is my paradise” I agree with that opinion. I have a cozy house. Every part of my house is well organized and makes me feel comfortable. My house is large enough. It is about 7x10 m2. The shape is rectangle as most people usually have. Well, when you stand in front of my house and face it, you will see a gate made from iron. Then when you enter the gate, you will see 3 doors in different sizes. A big door on your left is a door of my father’s office room. In front of you, there is a door with 2 handles. It is the door of my house. The last big door on your right is a garage. If you enter my house, the first room you will see is a living room with fluffy sofa and green wallpaper that makes you want to sit there for a while. On your left is my father’s office. He is an electronic repairer. Although his room is full of many electronic things, my mother always keeps it neat and clean. If you continue to walk, you will see a big bookshelf on your left. Next to the bookshelf there is a refrigerator face to you. On the wall in your left there is a TV with a set of DVD player. In front of TV, there is a red wide carpet. Behind the red carpet there is my parents’ bedroom. If you walk further, you will find 2 rooms on your right. They are my bed room and my older sister’s bed room. You will see a door again in front of you. When you open the door and enter it, you will see a place where it is use to eat together with my family. On your right is a pantry. My mother always cooks there. If you turn right and walk, you will find the door of the one and only bathroom in my house. If you turn left again, and enter the door in front of you, there is a place for drying some wet clothes. You can see the side door of my house if you look at your left. Well, every corner of my house is arranged usefully and beautifully.


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