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Merit of Learning English for Young Learners

            Every person has a destination when they do something, just like the young learn about English. They have their own destiny of learning English, but the whole statement is English is a very important language. There are so many advantages about learning English for young learners. Well, English is used in most countries in the world. If you understand English very well, you can communicate with every people in the world. Then you can study abroad overseas if you want. You can improve and develop your knowledge if you study to the other country. You can learn about their culture, education system, and so on. Another advantage is the young learners who learnt English can get a job easily. For example in our country Indonesia most companies require their employees to understand and able to speak English. Our government also requires all teachers able to operate a computer or a laptop. The relation is every instruction or dialogues in computer and laptop are written in English, so English young learners can easily understand, follow technology’s development, and get their job simply. They are not only able to become a teacher or an English teacher in schools. At least, English will help you in such way. That is why the young must continue to study English seriously and diligently.


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