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Academic Registration
     Have you ever join a University? If you have ever, how does your University treat you in academic registration? I am a student of State University of Malang. I will tell you how my University advice me to do the simple registration to enter the next semester courses. There are three kinds of registration in my University. They are academic registration, payment registration, and online registration. First of all, sure you have to pass a final examination in the end of your previous semester. This is the first step on academic registration. After you have finished your long courses, you have to attend a final examination on every course. I am sure you will pass this step easily if you already prepare yourself before the examination. The next step is called online registration. This step is not too difficult. Because it is online, so you can do it everywhere. My University provides a special academic web to inform all of the academic news. The web is www.siakad.um.ac.id. There are many sub-web pages in this address. You should open siakad to look at the result of your final examination then click KHS. and sign in this page. Just enter your name and a password that you have made before. The original password is usually the reverse order of the date of your birth. After you know your score, the next step is payment registration. You do not have to come to the campus for payment. Just pay it through the nearest bank, the bank is usually BRI, BNI, BTN or Mandiri. After you finish it, you can arrange your own schedule online. Open the web page again and click KRS. The rule is the same as you open a KHS. After you arrange it, you have to print it out. Finally the student must meet their academic advisor to have her or his signature on their KRS and KHS. In brief, my university always provides uncomplicated ways for the students to do all kinds of registration. Therefore you can do your achievement as well and comfortable as you want if you join with my university.


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