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My a Bad Day
Every human has his or her own life stories. Stories might be forgettable or unforgettable experiences. It depends on how it affects human’s life. This is a story about my life, about an unforgettable day which was full of terrible.  Yesterday, I spent the night in my friend’s boarding house who is not Islam.  In the early morning, I woke up to pray but how terrible it was that I forgot to bring anything I needed for praying.  I planned to borrow a praying dress to others so that I waited for them to wake up from their sleep but it was so long time that I felt not patient anymore. After that, I planned to take a showerbut I was surprised to know that there was not any water there. I felt so annoyed of it. I tried to phone my fried in order to pick me up but again I found annoying thing that was a bad signal. Finally I was just able to force myself to be more patient and wait for the water. In the afternoon, I got a message which told me to attend a meeting. I felt reallysuffered to know that I had a full day activity.Besides, I had not washed my clothes and cleaned my boarding house yet.  After coming from my university, I directly prepared myself to attend that meeting. It was such a hot day that I felt burned. However I should not let this duty that was attending meeting. When I arrived in my campus, my friends told me that the meeting canceled without any reason. How tragic it wasto know that we were not needed anymore when we had tried to sacrifice for them. In the night, I felt really happy to see my own bed after letting this for some hours. I intended to have little rest to lose my tire before I took a shower. When I was ready to take a shower, I did not foundany water in the bathroom. After that, I came back to my bedroom and wait for the water. Unfortunately, I still did not find it until the midnight. Finally, I decidedtosleep and take a shower in the early morning. Briefly, everyhuman will never been free from a bad day but they are supposed to be patient and receive it sincerely in order to get the treasure of an experience.



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