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My Favorite Bedroom
            I have my own cozy bedroom as my favorite place. It has fresh air, good smell, and nice temperature. Just like almost other bedrooms, its shape is rectangle with size 5x4m. When you enter my bedroom, the first thing you will see is a big poster of my idol. It sticks on the wall right in front of you for about 20 cm from the left corner. About 5 cm from the right side of the poster are my two windows.  It is as a place to see the outside early morning view. Besides, I can get the fresh air from that, those windows also help me to keep my room temperature balance. I have a pair of desk and chair under the windows. There are a purple table lamp, an hourglass, and some books on the desk. Those things are really helpful for me. I can have a comfortable studying by that complete stuff so that I always easy to get my assignments done on time. On the left part of the wall, about 40 cm from the right corner, I stick a clock and some pictures of my family. The clock helps me to keep and manage my time well. I put my small bed under them. This bed is completed by two pillows, two dolls, a blanket, and a bolster which are always neatly arranged. That small bed always helps me to have a nice taking rest. The blanket and dolls save me from the cold temperature. I also have a small fan beside it. I use it every time I feel hot. On the left part of the wall, right on the corner near the poster is a cupboard contains of my cloths and bags. Next to the cupboard is full of two lines of books with length 2 m for each line.  In summary, my bedroom is really cozy. I can do a lot of activities and enjoy it with good temperature therefore every bedrooms should be designed as how its owner wants it to be.



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