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My Big Interest
Do you ever question yourself about how a poster interests you? It once happened to me when I saw a poster of concert. Since that time, I tried to interpret myself about the reasons why I felt much interest in it.  Basically, the poster I saw did not announce any kind of a fantastic event, but it was so interesting that it could persuade many people to read it. The most interesting thing from it was its color design. It was a kind of colorful poster which was surely created some things not based on the real color of it, such as the black sky and blue leaves it had. As a matter of fact, colorful things always give more interest than others which are not. The next wonderful thing was that a word which represented an economic value that was “FREE” which was clearly printed out. Surely, it became a nice consideration to decide especially for teenagers such as myself who is not yet able to ear my own money. Likewise, it is well-known fact that almost people prefer free payment as long as it does not bother them. Another unique thing was its appropriate persuasive sentences, such as Saatnya Tunjukkan Warnamu! (It is a Time to Show Your Color!) that was set under the word ‘’Free’’. It gave more interest than other words that often we find in some posters, such as Come and Join Us! Beside that the sentences were unneatly arranged. Some of the sentences had big sizes and some others did not.  It made the poster more crowded as a symbol of a fantastic. The least of all was about the time and place where the event would be conducted. Due to the fact that almost people are just free at weekend, it was a great idea to conduct the activity at that time. Again, this time schedule was really clear to see. Briefly, that poster was totally success to convince me by its unique appearance and good economic value so that every poster is supposed to be colorful in order to persuade people more and as a result it will be more effective.


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