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My sister and I
I often think over and ask them the reasons why they said that my sister and I are similar. In some people views, my sister and I like a twin but actually we have some differences those are easy to find. The most different part from us is our body size. My elder sister is thinner than me. It makes her looks cuter and younger even actually she is five years older. My sister is also shorter than me. Her high is for about 152 cm. She has bright skin which is brighter than mine. She also has beautiful ayes with thick eyelashand larger eyelids. A girl with large eyelids always looks more beautiful. In contrasts,I am fatter andI am a little bit taller than her. My high is 157 cm. My skin is darker than hers because I like spending time out of home. My eyes are small and those are not as beautiful as hers. Due to the fact that I am bigger than her, some people also think that I am older and even though we have those differences, as a sibling, we also have some similarities. First, we have same face forms. We have oval faces with pointed noses. Second similarity is that our voice. People often cannot different our voice especially when we are talking on the phone, even our parents. Other similarity is our habitual actions including the way we eat, sit, and ride motor cycle. The last of all is oursame way of walking that is fast walking. If people see me when I am walking alone, they sometime think that I am my sisterso that it is not strange anymore for me to be called as Ani (my sister’s name). Briefly, siblings with some physical similarities often look like a twin who is difficult to be differentiated so that people are supposed to really pay attention to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.



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