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Children’s Watching TV
Do you ever think before about the causes of youth’s degradation?  In this globalization, it is too easy for children to find and watch TV yet it is difficult for them to get the moral values. From the fact above, it can stated that children watching TV is one of the causes of youth’s degradation. Children watching TV give effects in some aspects. Those aspects are: health,education, sociocultural, and economic.First,TV can easily attract children by its movies or even advertisements. The probability when children feel interesting at TVis thedecreasing ofbed time. For example, children who are affected by TV programs have two hours more for watching than children who are not so that they have 2 hours more for taking rest either at noon or night. In addition, too much watching is dangerous for their eyes. Second, almost of TV programs contain many movies and advertisements those are not educated at all such as cartoon and other kinds of movie. Almost of children just can say “I like the movies” without being aware of effects they get. Consequently, children prefer watching to study. When children have become accustomed to watching and listening, it will be difficult for them to read and write due to limited time of having exercises whereas, writing and reading are much important for them. Third,TV effects children’s sociocultural life. It is a well-known fact that nowadays TV programs contain of harassment and violence exactly in cartoon movies. For example, the actors will fight when they want to approach a same girl. Due to the fact that children often cannot filter TV’s content, it will be so possible for them to act like what they watched.Likewise, children often imitate western’s culture from both national and international TV programs such as dancing and cloths so that they have more knowledge about western’s culture rather than Indonesia’s culture.  Fourth,TV is a best place to advertise any kind of products such as kitchen and office equipment, vehicles, foods, and toys. From those advertisements, children will be easy to know the latest product. Just such as what it often happens, children always want to own anything new especially new toys. As a result, they will bag more money or even just force parents to buy it for them so that parents will spend money as much as the new thing advertised. It goes without saying that TV programs give more harm than good so that parents are obligated to filter home television programs in order to omit their youth degradation.



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