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My Top-Four Obstructions in Learning English
English is an interesting subject to learn. Beside it becomes an international language, it also has unique pronunciations. Although English is my favorite subject, I still have some obstructions that make me lazy to learn it. First obstacle, I have no more friends to practice neither written nor spoken English. As an international language, English is still seldom to be used by people especially out of schoolsso that I just have an opportunity to develop my skill in the English major area. I always depress when I just can speak using an international language that I love the most only for some hours. Moreover learning a second language needs much practice, otherwise we will lose all things we have learned. It just seems like living in two different words that depresses me all the time. Second disturbance is limited better speaking example. Actually, the basic purpose of English isto communicate people so that it needs right pronunciations rather than good structures. It is a boring thing for me when I should find exact pronunciations in printed dictionaries whereas English’s spellingsare always different from their pronunciations. As a young English learner, I often pronounce wrong pronunciations which lead to misunderstanding. It is caused by the difficulty to pronounce a right pronunciation that I get from dictionary. Besides, I do not have better example of English speaker but at school. Third disruption is teachers’ pressure. Likewise, learning must always be fun without any kind of forcing. In some English classes, I am once forced to memorize so many vocabularies in a day. It caused me depressed and   worried of punishment I would get if I could no memorize on time. Due to the fact that I was just focusing on the dead line, I could no learn those vocabularies deeply. As a result, I forgot it just some days after.The last derangementis limited facility. It is a well-known fact that learning facilities really affect learners’ quality. Learning facilities are things that ease learners to reach theirlearning purposes such as library, classrooms, and teachers.Students will be able to learn something easilyif they have good teachers and a library with complete materials or references. In addition,  it is also difficult to find some things related to English references such as special dictionary of using diction or even culture sources those actually will ease people to learn other languages especially English. In brief, even English is my favorite subject, I cannotlose all obstructions I have only by choosing English Department as my education field so that it becomes my duty to solve this problem in order to give more benefits to all English learners.



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