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[Cause Effect]

English is a universal language in this world. To connect with other people from another country, English is used, so that English is a must language to learn beside of national language. Sometimes, we found some difficulties when learning English. There are three aspects, which are, vocabulary, grammar, and less practice. The first is the vocabulary aspect. To learn more, we have to read more. To understand what we read we have to understand the strange words. There are so many words which are new to learners, and half or more are hard to remember, whether it is meaning or the word itself. If we read a book, sometimes there are sentences which contain so many new vocabularies and it makes hard to understand what the point is. That makes reading speed become slower and tired. The second is grammar aspect. As a learner to speak and write without any grammar mistakes is an honour, because it takes effort and endeavor. In some cases, it cannot be understood easily. For Indonesian, to state something in the past or the future, we do not have to change any word, but in English it is. The last aspect is less practice. We forgot we have learned because we lack of practice. Moreover, to something difficult to learn and we do not really get what the meaning, it is easy to forget. In nut shell, there are some causes English being hard to learn. Therefore, although there are some hard parts to learn English as long as we put some efforts to get it, we can achieve it.


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