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How to Have a Better English Reading Comprehension

As the most certain fundamental skill that assists people to survive in a globalization, a word of reading is often mentioned by both of children and adults. Reading is not about the number of words that people read, but it is all about the amount of value or information that people get. Essentially, learning-to-read stage to reading-to-learn stage is one of the main goals of education. Although reading becomes one of schools subjects, not all students can have a good reading comprehension especially in a young learner’s English class. Some students still have difficulties acquiring the fundamental reading skills necessary to be in a position to read to learn. The key to improve reading comprehension is not by moving eyes across a page more quickly, but by creating a mental framework that helps you process words and ideas. The paragraphs outlined below must be able to help young English learners to have good reading comprehension.
Before discussing what solutions that help students to have better comprehension, this paragraph will analyze thetwoimportant problems causing poor reading comprehension.Those causes arelack of knowledge base and poor vocabulary. Lack of knowledge base refers to how much knowledge readers have about the subject. Readers who have limited exposure and experiences in life will be much more difficult to comprehend a subject. It also becomes a reason why text books are more difficult to understand than novels which contain similar life experiences. In this case, money often takes a place as a tool to determine one’s opportunities to expose experiences. The other problem is poor vocabulary. No matter how skillful person is if she or he does not understand the vocabularies. Vocabularies are the foundation of every language. The lack of vocabularies actually goes hand by hand with one’s reading habit. Reading habit refers to how often people read and how many new vocabularies they get. In a young learner’s English class, English vocabularies become more difficult to memorize due to the limited time of practice. This statement is proven by the existence of students who just have an opportunity to speak English in a class.
As the paragraph above has discussed the causes of low reading comprehension, this stage will tell readers some reading stages and the possible time of when the problem occurs. Firstly, at the age of 3 to 7 years old, children just focus on decoding and pronouncing words correctly. Children like reading anything loudly without really taking care of comprehending. In this stage parents must role as facilitators and advisors who have to provide and accompany them to read.Secondly,at the age of 8 to 13 years old they will start comprehend schools material. If it is possible they will also comprehend other materials such as novel or even just newspapers. As the more role teachers have, some children might be lazy and even afraid to read because of some factors cause by teachers. For example, teachers force them to read and understand difficult English materials while they have little opportunity to read English text in a class. Children around those ages often cannot maintain themselves from surrounding influences. Thirdly, at the age of 14 to 22 years old, people start to read difficult material such as about politics, economic, orkinds of culture and religion. This stage of reading goes continuously until people become old and stop reading. If people are not accustomed to read, they will be much more difficult to understand the materials because the less comprehending exercise.
Those causes above are common cases that few people release so it is actually easy for people to have a good reading skill comprehension. These steps below can be implied to approach the goal mentioned. Frist,due to the fact that each paragraph has its own topic idea, you have tostop and thinkat each determined interval (every paragraph, every two paragraphs, twice per page)to take note of an important idea or fact as a record. In the process of producinga record, you also might guest the new vocabularies instead of directly look them up in a dictionary. Second, always be aware that reading is not about how many words that correctly pronounced and how many paragraphs or pages that can be read, but it is all about amount of comprehensions.As a result you can keep going to be focus on finding information. If it is reading a text book, remember that completing a worksheet is not the main goal of reading. Third, have yourself reflect on what you have read.After reading the whole of paragraph, ask yourself some questions that help you to measure your own comprehension. For example, “If you could, what would you ask the author of this article to help you better understand her point of view of this problem?” or “tell me about the important function of this invention for Indonesia.”
            As people were born with their own comprehension ability, the low of reading skill comprehension will never become a problem of human life exactly of the second language young learners. Low reading skill comprehension just occurs when people do not have any experience related to the material and the difficult vocabularies that the materials contain. I addition, readers might be seldom to read so that they have lover exercise to comprehend a material. After discussing those paragraph above, readers are supposed to be able to analyze the factors that cause them have lower reading comprehension skill in order to repair it soon. To sum up, low reading comprehension can be solved by having more time to read in order to understand more vocabularies and better compression.



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