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[Cause Effect]

Watching TV nowadays is very easy and a common thing to all people. Everyone can enjoy watching TV, including children. According to children there are three effects that will affect their development, which are; cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. The effects of watching TV can be good or can be bad. First of all, let us discuss the good effect. TV gives new views and knowledge about something. It is good for children’s cognitive development. There are so many educational TV programs that will develop children’s knowledge. For example if they watch Shaun the Sheep, they will learn about what dog’s duties are and what kinds of food that sheep, pig, or any animal eat. The other TV program is Laptop Si Unyil. That TV program, explain news with fun which children who watch it will be understand easily. For example, Unyil explain how to make a toy from bali orange’s skin. He will explain it one by one and show how easy. Hopefully children who watch it can make the same toy by that explanation. Another aspect is affective development. Affective is connected with behavior and emotions. It is very crucial because since they are in young age, they have to learn how to behave, so that they will be accustomed to do a good behavior. There are some TV programs that hopefully can bring a good behavior to children, which are; Upin Ipin, Sesame Street, et cetera. Those TV program teach children how to behave to older people, obey God’s rules and do his command to always pray, how to do something with our own culture, and so on. Hopefully they will apply it to their life to be good children. Another aspect is psychomotor development. Maybe you found cuteness of a child if they fat, but it is not good. In their age, they have to be active so that they do not get obese and healthier. If they healthy and not obese it means they can more active to do a lot of activity and less tired than fat children. In this aspect you can show them Si Bolang which is a group of boys that like to adventure. This program teaches children how to be brave, active, and built friendship with other friends. Now, let us discuss the bad effects of watching TV for children. First is about cognitive development. We all know TV is bringing so many news and knowledge, but sometimes it will be harmful for the children. If we do not accompany and choose the programs for them, they can be watch something that will not suited for them. The effects the will be mature before the right time or maybe they will do something that weird for their age. Second is affective development. Since there are many programs that will teach good things for children, there are many bad too. Some dramas in Indonesia sometimes show something do not appropriate to be shown on children’s drama genre. Their way to speak, choose of words, and sometimes shown bullying. It is not good for them, so that the parents have to always beside them to give them the right way. The last is psychomotor development. As they feel interest with the TV programs, they will spend their time with watching TV. They just sit on the couch and watching TV without move their body, that mean they will less active. On their age, children must be active, so that they will be not obese and get sick because off less move. In brief, TV has several advantages and disadvantages according to children’s development. Therefore, this is parents’ duty to maintain and to choose their suitable TV programs to be watched.


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