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            Many foods are made from flour, such as noodle and spaghetti. From the appearance, noodle and spaghetti are different, but actually they are similar in several ways. First, we will identify noodle. We divide it into three identical parts: ingredients, physical look when it is cooked enough, and when it comes to eat. The first is the ingredients. Noodle has yellow color because it is made of flour, water, and eggs. The second is when it is cooked enough, the structure of the noodle is soft and look a little bit complicated because it is mixed each other. The last but not least, when it is ready to eat, you will able to eat it directly after it is cooked, but it will not be tasty. You will need some special sauce and ingredients to make it tasty. If you want, you can add some side dish to make it tastier.  Now, we will identify spaghetti. The same as noodle, the ingredients of spaghetti are flour, water, and eggs. That is why spaghetti has the same color to noodle. Can you differentiate which one is noodle and the other is spaghetti when it is cooked enough? Probably it will be hard. Spaghetti has a soft structure and complicated look because it is mixed each other. Not far from noodle, spaghetti needs something special to make it tasty. You will need a sauce, and then you have to mix it before you eat the spaghetti. To sum up, spaghetti and noodle have similarities in few ways. All the foods are tastier when it comes to eat time.


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