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            When it is cooked enough, you will be hard to choose which one is noodle and which spaghetti is because they are similar. If we look closer to the both of them, they have many differences. The differences are divided into three parts: origin, uncooked physical look, and complement ingredients. First, let us talk about origin. The origin of noodle is from China. It is proven by the invention of the oldest noodle in Qinghai, China. Now, almost all people thought spaghetti is noodle that Marco Polo brought after his journey from China. It is not wrong, but long time ago before Marco Polo came, Roman people has their own noodle, and that is spaghetti, so that spaghetti’s origin is Italy. The second is uncooked physical look and I bet you can differentiate each other. Noodle looks are curly, packed of each portion, and softer. Different from noodle, spaghetti looks are straight, pieces, and stiff. The last is complement ingredients. We can say noodle have simpler complement sauce to make it tasty, even to instant noodle. The ingredients are soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ketchup, et cetera. Unlike noodle, spaghetti has a different sauce. We can see a red sauce is spilled over the spaghetti. The red sauce is made from tomato puree, tomato sauce, onions, and sometimes it is mixed with beef. For the better taste, we can add cheese over the sauce. In a nut shell, noodle and spaghetti are different. Although they are different, they have same taste.


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