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[MIDTERM – Order of Space]

            I live in my house with my complete family, Mom, Dad, and an older brother. My house is in the largest regency in Southeast Asia, it is in Sawojajar. Actually, my house has two floors, but I just tell you the first floor. My house is cozy and cold. When you walk in the living room door, you will find a set of wooden sofa. Sometimes when it comes to take a nap, I usually sleep in that sofa. It is very comfortable. In the right wall of living room, there is a big knit made by my Mom. When you follow the hallway, you will find the entertaining place, I called it family room. In the left wall you will see stairs and in the right side you will see long wooden cupboard with television at the top of it. Behind the wooden cupboard and the television, there is a room that is my room. My bedroom is the most comfortable place for me. There is a big bed that everyone will sleep although they just sit on it. When you go back to the family room, you will feel fresh and cold air. My house did not have air conditioner, but it is naturally cold. The ceiling in my house is high, so the air circulation is good and that is why it is cold. There is a big cupboard in my family room. The usage of the big cupboard is for partition between family room and dining room. Actually my dining room is mixed with the kitchen. There are a set of dining table, refrigerator, and many kitchen utensils. In the right side of the kitchen, there is my parents’ bedroom. The dining room is the comfortable place for eating, in my mind. It is easy to reach everything that I want to eat. The least room and the most inside of my house is bathroom. It is located in the behind if the kitchen. In front of the bathroom, there is an open place for house air circulation. In brief, my house is not too big, but it is very comfortable and cold. The most important thing of a house is a happy family. My house will not be comfortable if there is not my family.


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