Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

Three days ago I went to Grammar class in the second floor of Q3 building. I saw an interesting poster on the white board. The most interesting thing from the poster is the picture. It describes about the crowd of the show. Many people gather and have fun in this picture. Moreover, the picture seems too real because the colours` combination is good. Because of the colourful image, the audiences look catchy and funny. Another unique thing is the title. The committes use ‘sastraswati’ for the poster. The title reminds me at ‘saraswati,’ a woman hero in television whom I was a child. When I read the title, it makes me curious by the show. This is like sastra soultime, but they use a unique name to attract the readers. Another important thing is the word “free”. The word “free” means that we must not pay anything to watch the show. This is effective enough to attract the readers. Most people like something which is new and free also. They will consider to come or not. The least impressive thing is the show. This will be a fantastic show because the show will perform many kinds of talents. There are reading a poem, singing acoustic song, dance etc. They also invite a guest star who will make the show more fantastic. When we want to refresh our mind, we can consider this show. In addition, we have no much money. Thus, we do not have any reasons to miss the show. 

Aulia Zahroh Ayuningsih


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