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Using order of space
Topic: Describing your private room

My Snug Shared Room

            A private room is the spot where not everyone may know and enter your room as much as they want to. My room is not totally private actually because I get to share my room with my friend. I describe my room as the snug one. Uncommonly, my room forms like an “L” alphabet. It is big enough. If I make it as a square form, it sizes 6x4 m. It faces the east. As you enter the door which is in the northeast corner, you will find a chair and also a printer which is in front of it. Next to the chair there is a colourful chest of drawers where I keep bound of my books in. It consists of five slides with different colours: green, blue, yellow, violet, and purple. On your left is my bed, and beside it is my roommate’s mattress. In the southwest corner you are going to find a desk. To the right of the desk is my friend’s dresser. Next to it, there is a wooden-brown chair where I can sit down to look for my clothes because my wardrobe is near from it. On the top of the wardrobe, there are a mirror, a comb and some face powder. There is a clothes hanger stick on the wall near the wardrobe. I used to hang my second-hand clothes for it. Near from the clothes hanger, I also stick on some paper which is written my schedule, some quotes, and my dreams. To sum up, my room is the cosy spot where I can find all my stuff I need to. Sharing a private room with another is not that easy, but the first thing you have to know is you must be responsible for all your personal possessions. So there will be no such a blaming each other when you might lose your things.

By : Mirzatus Solikhah


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