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Have you ever met twin people? Probably the first thing comes up in your mind is how to differentiate them. I have two twin friends in my junior high school. They are Dhedy and Dhody. At a glance, they look so similar. Firstly, observe from the physical look. Dhedy has the same height as Dhody. It is about 170 cm. Dhedy’s weight is around 48 kg and so is Dhody. Second, identify from their predilection. If you someday meet one of them playing basketball, you will exactly be confused whether he is Dhedy or Dhody. That is because their hobby is same which is playing basketball. Dhedy likes music and Dhody does too. They are members of a band. Thirdly, the way they deliver a speech. Dhedy speaks slowly just like Dhody. They love to make such a joke even the way they speak is slow.  However, from the similarity above you can still analyse their differences. Let us fasten our eyes on Dhedy. Even though in some cases, his physical look is almost same but there is something different. Dhedy’s skin is tanned. It is almost like kiwi’s skin in common. Next, his personality is absolutely different. He is a confident person. He is not reluctant to join in a competition such a comedian contest. He is also sociable. He likes to have many friends whether they are boys or girls. And the last is his class. He is in D class. On the contrary about Dhody’s physical look. His skin is brighter than Dhedy. His skin is fair. Moreover, Dhody’s personality is contrasted with Dhedy. Dhody has a warm personality. He is friendly to everyone. He probably does not like to talk too much, but everyone around him would feel his welcome. He has many boyfriends and few girl friends. It is because he is unable to adapt fast with the girl. For that reason, he is called as timid boy. The last distinction is his class. Dhody is in G class. Dhedy and Dhody were born to the same mother on the same occasion, that is why they are called twin. They may look similar at the first glance, but trust me they have differences in several ways. Comparing one to the other is sometimes confusing to do. Moreover, you could recognize twin people by knowing them more.

By : Mirzatus Solikhah


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