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My Private Room
Welcome to my room! This room belongs to my sister and me. I think my room is simple and clean. I never keep special things like wallpaper,dolls even my photos. My room has ordinary things like most people . My room is wide enough. It is 3 m x 3,5m. When you enter into the room, you will see a mirror on the left of the door. It is 40 cm x 20 cm. A desk is under the mirror. It is about 25 cm from the mirror. I usually put whatever on the desk, so it maybe looks messy. On the right of the desk, you will find a book shelf. It is 1 m x 80 cm. I keep all my books there such as novels, magazines, comics,lesson books etc. A bed is in the corner of the room. It is about 37 cm from the book shelf. There are two big windows behind the bed. It is 60 cm x 50 cm. Near the windows, you will find a wardrobe. It is about 30 cm from the windows. My sister and I share the wardrobe. One side is hers, and the other side is mine. A television is next to the wardrobe. It is 60 cm x 40 cm. When I cannot sleep, I usually turn it on until I feel sleepy. My wall of room is very clean. I do not like to stick a poster on the wall. Maybe you only see a calendar on the wall. Eventhough my room is so simple, I really love it. I like cleaning the room whenever I have a spare time. I always keep my room clean and neat. I will feel comfortable to stay for a long time when my room is clean. 

By : Aulia Zahroh A.


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