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Dewi Susan (120221401478)

It is important to try to use English in a classroom as much as possible so that we can maximize our practice in learning English. Most experts recommend using English at least 90% in the class. Why it is not 100%? Because there are some difficulties of learning second languages especially English. Here are some factors why do not the students use English effectively in class. First, it is about vocabulary. There are many English learners who feel hard to build up their vocabulary. Because there are so many vocabulary in English that hard to be remembered and memorized. It makes the learners more careful to choose the right word in arranging sentences. Another trouble factor is about grammar. English grammar is too hard to be learned. There are so many rules to make a sentence in English. For example there are gerunds, infinitives, noun, pronoun, many kinds of tenses, and many others. Too many rules in making sentences makes the learners feel confuse and do not like to learn more about English grammar. Another tough factor is about confidence to practice speaking. Many students feel uncomfortable to speak English. They are afraid to make mistakes on pronunciation. Nevertheless, there are many difficulties that make students do not speak English 100% in class. Thus, teacher’s role is very important to help the students build their ability in English. 


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