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Nowadays most children like to spend their time watching some TV programs. It is alright if they are under parents’ control, but if not, what will happen next? Actually children’s TV watching has several good and bad effects. Lets talk about the bad effects first. The first aspect that is included in bad effects is social aspect. Children will be addicted to watch TV all the time. They often do the other important activity like helping parents, talking with relations, or even playing outdoor games with friends because they waste the time to watch some TV programs. They become rarely to speak because they do not have spare time to communicate with their environment. It is bad for their social development. Another aspect is physically aspect. Children’s position while they watch TV will influence their physically development. They spent a lot of time just sitting in front of TV. They do not move their body. It will make a bad effect of their bone’s health especially the back bone. In their age, body health is very important for their movement. Another aspect is affective. Always watching the same TV program will make children imitate their idol’s attitude. For example if they watch cartoon serials (Sinchan, dragon ball), they will imitate his bad attitude, like speaking impolitely to the old people, peeing in a wrong place, etcetera. Event though there are so many disadvantages of children’s TV watching, it still has good effects. One of the aspects that is included as the advantages of children’s TV watching is creation. For example if they watch TV serial Bocah Petualang, their creativity will develop. They can make a new game by themselves, for example making a robot from useless bottles. Then they will develop their innovation to make something new and unique. Another aspect is motivation. There are so many famous kid stars in TV. They will be motivated to be like them. They will develop their ability like acting, singing, dancing, drawing, attracting etcetera. Another aspect is intelligent. If they watch education programs like Dora, Ranking 1,Education Channel, and so on, their knowledge will rise. They learn about something indirectly. For example they study about space, nature, geography etcetera. In addition, there are positive and negative effects of children’s TV watching that will influence children’s development in some aspects. Therefore, parents must be selective to choose the suitable TV programs for their child’s development. 


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