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English is one of very important languages that must be studied. Nowadays, many countries in the world such as Indonesia make some new programs to make the education better. In order to raise the quality of education in Indonesia, it founds such a school with international standards. It called RSBI (International School to be) and SBI (International School). RSBI is a school toward an International School that prepares the students based on the national standards of Indonesian and international level, so that graduates are expected to have the capability of international competition.
Because in Indonesia there were many people who have a capability to send their children study abroad in 1990, Indonesian government thought to open such an International School. The first standing of RSBI was in the end of 1999. In 1999 the Indonesian government gave more special attention to education in Indonesia. The national minister of education (KEMENDIKNAS) wanted to build high quality schools as a center of education. In 2000, KEMENDIKNAS started to establish an international standard school. Indonesia wanted to have an international confession toward the quality of process and the rest of the education, so KEMENDIKNAS made a new rule it was article 50 paragraph (3) of Law No. 20 Year 2003 about the inauguration of RSBI. Finally with all of judgment, KEMENDIKNAS officially open RSBI on 2005 with some hard requirements for school which wanted to become International School Stub (RSBI) or International School (SBI).
People must have a lot of money to be in RSBI or SBI. Because the quality of RSBI and SBI are very good, that is why the payment is also expensive. The significant different payment level between regular and international schools is shown by the tuition in both kinds of school. Look the table of the payment comparison of RSBI and Regular School! (http://www.mahkamahkonstitusi.go.id.pdf)
Regular School
RSBI (International School)
First year
Second year
Third year
Rp. 150.000
Rp. 5.000.000
Rp. 1.000.000
Rp. 800.000
Rp. 425.000
Rp. 31.000.000
Rp. 24.000.000
Rp. 18.000.000

Besides, the facilities in RSBI are more complete than in regular schools either physical or non physical. For example, RSBI uses the bilingual system in process of studying.  
Because of the high cost, some of societies are glad with that new program of education system, but some not. It contains pros and cons, many effects come from this problem. The positive effects help the pros to stay with their argument. The first good effect is about quality. For example RSBI has good qualities of teachers. 70% of teachers are required to get S2 degree. Not only that, all teachers must have an ability to speak English fluently. They help the students easier in studying English or even general subject. Another good effect is about human race. International Schools create a global rivalry in term of education. The output of RSBI will be ready to face a global rivalry. Another advantage is about other countries’ educational view of Indonesia. Indonesia will have a good point of education if it has many high quality schools.
After several years of the establishing of RSBI, many bad effects of it grow up. One of the effects is about social aspect. There is a social discrimination between rich people and poor people. Because of the high cost, poor people cannot pay the tuition and never study there. This financial aspect is not relevant with the article 31 paragraph (2) of UUD 1945 which explains that every child must have an education and the government should pay for it. Another bad side is about nationality. Either the teachers or the students have to speak English every time in every possible room, such as in classrooms, teacher offices, libraries, and laboratories. It means that students will rarely speak Bahasa Indonesia. They do not have enough time to speak thru their mother tongue. It will decrease the using of Bahasa Indonesia and may kill the nationality of Indonesian gradually. The most frightening thing is when our cultures especially Bahasa Indonesia disappear, when every body speak English and forget their culture. Another bad thing is about the written law. There is no written rule that protects an International School to be. Many schools are built with the international status and high cost, but the qualities are not as good as the status. Because there are many problems and unclear things about International School Stubs, finally on January 2013 the Constitutional Court (MK) invalidated Article 50 paragraph (3) of Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education System which is arranging the International School Stubs (RSBI) and International School (SBI). The National Minister of education directly erased RSBI on January 2013.
In addition, International and Regular Schools have the same purpose. They produce the best graduates in different ways. Actually our government already expended many ways in order to make the education system in Indonesia better. Therefore, school must appreciate them by obeying the government rules.

UUD  Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945


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