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Order of time

My steps to Al-Haram
Going to Mecca is every Moslems dream. Last three weeks I got a great opportunity to do Umroh with my mother for 16 days. My Umroh was so meaningful. On March 26, after passing such a long journey I arrived at King Abdul Aziz airport. I could not keep my tears rolling down my cheeks because I finally stepped into the country which prophet Muhammad lived. For about four days I spent in Madinah. On March 30 around 3 p.m., I went to Birrul Ali to set up my Umroh. I prayed in that mosque and stated my intention. My Umroh group and I had to go to Al-Haram, Mecca. Approximately it took five hours to be there. Unfortunately around 8 p.m., our bus hit a bus in the front. I was shocked. I grinned and bore my ache right-hand. I  just could pray if I reached Mecca and did my Umroh. About four hours, I was stucked waiting for another bus. After that, we continued our journey. On March 31 at 1 a.m., I arrived at the hotel. After placing all my bags, my Umroh group and I walked into Al-Haram mosque. At 2 a.m., we were in the front of it. I could not help crying. Al-Haram was shining like a sun. It had many lamps. Moreover, no matter whether morning or night, Al-Haram mosque is always full of Moslems praying. I took my first step in and immediately I looked at the Kaaba. I felt much better and I was not in suffering anymore because of my wounded right-hand. My Umroh guide, Mr. Jamal, guided my group and I to pray Maghrib and Isya’. At 2.30 p.m., we did Tawaf. We got to turn Kaaba around for seven times. We started on  Hajar Aswad line. We declared Bismillahi Allahu Akbar as kissing our hands then waving our hands to it. At 2.50 p.m., we finished doing thawaf. We looked for Zamzam water to drink. Drinking Zamzam water made me feel relieved and I was ready to do Sai. At 3.00 p.m., I started to climb up Safa hill. I ran slowly to Marwah hill. Surely, doing Sai is not easy enough. It was required enough energy. Sai is part of Umroh prayer ritual and it reminded me how Hajar’s hassle to run from Safa to Marwah for seven times. At 3.50 I have done Sai. It meant I almost finished my Umroh. Tahallul is the final thing to do. Someone has to cut some of my hair. On Marwah hill, a woman Egyptian cut my hair. I took a deep breath and praised to Allah. Around 4.00 p.m., I completed all the Umroh rituals and then waited for Subuh prayer. My Umroh will always remain in my mind as a stunning life story. Gaining umroh chance is priceless. Knowledge, healthy, fund, faith, and patience are the required things which must be prepared well.

By : Mirzatus Solikhah


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