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Aulia Zahroh Ayuningsih

Our country has gotten its independence for 67 years. This cannot happen without somebody’s service. Do you know them? Ir. Soekarno is one of independent heroes. He was born on June 6th 1901 exactly in Blitar, East Java. In 1920, he studied at Technische Hooge School which we called it “Institut Teknik Bandung”. He finished his study about six years. He got his “Ir” degree on May 25th 1926. At the moment, Indonesia was still colonized by Dutch. He tried to remove Dutch`s colonization from our beloved country. He formed a political organization which was called PNI on July 4th 1927. He led this organization as chief and Moh. Hatta was the vice. Since PNI was formed, the Dutch government had felt worried about it. They were afraid that PNI would fight them. They caught some Indonesian heroes including Ir. Soekarno. He was jailed in Sukamiskin, Bandung on December 29th 1929. A year later, PNI was broken and it was joined with Partindo. In 1933, Dutch caught him again. Dutch threw him to Ende, Flores. Four years later, he moved to Bengkulu. After several years, the Dutch government released him because he looked undangerous to the Dutch government. In 1942, Japan won over Dutch. Dutch had made an appointment with Japan to give Indonesia to Japan. His struggle did not stop and finally he could make his dream true. On August 17th 1945, Ir. Soekarno and Moh. Hatta proclaimed Indonesia’s freedom. He was the first president of Indonesia. On August 18th 1945, PPKI had a meeting. PPKI had elected Ir. Soekarno to be the first Indonesia’s president. When he was a president, there was G-30-S-PKI. He was accused of cooperating with communists. Finally, he was fired as a president in 1967. After he stopped to be president, he got sick. In June 21st 1970, he died in Jakarta.


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