Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang


Yesterday I had a good time. In the morning I went to the campus earlier. I had to do my assignment. After I had done it, a lecture came to our class. She told us that Mrs. Sri Widayati could not come, but we had to change the class. Thus, I had to attend a class only exactly at 9 am to 10:30 am. I only had a Civil Education class. At 11 am, my friend and I went to Matos. She wanted to buy some daily needs in Hypermart. We walked surrounding Matos until we felt tired. Then, she asked me to go to the food court which was in third floor. We bought french fries and a cup of tea. At 1 pm, we went to Gramedia. We were going to buy a small dictionary. An hour later, we decided to go home. On the way, it was raining. Luckily, I brought an umbrella, so I did not worry. At 4 pm, I arrived at my house. My mother had made me a cup of warm tea. My mother and I drank the tea together. She also made some fries bananas. Suddenly, someone knocked the door. I stood up from a chair and was going to open the door. When I knew who came to our house, I was so suprised. My uncle was standing in front of the door. He visited our house by himself. I was really happy to meet him. It had a long time we did not meet since I was in junior high school. He brought some apples and pears as a present for us. We had conversations about our family. He asked me to go to his house when I got school`s holiday. At 7 pm, my uncle went home. He did not forget to give little money. It was a good day for me.


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