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Aulia Zahroh Ayuningsih

Language is the most important thing in the life. As social people, we need to talk to each other. Thus, we need to know about language for communication. We have studied language since we were born. At ages between 0 – 6 months, babbies cry for different reasons such as being sleepy, hungry, lonely etc. A mother usually knows the meaning of baby’s crying than their father. She knows when a baby feels sleepy and when a baby feels hungry. At ages between 6 -12 months, babbies pay attention to conversations. They will respond to the conversations with babbling expressively. A mother can talk to her baby when she is doing right now. At ages between 12 – 18 months, babbies can identify their family members. Sometimes they will feel uncomfortable when they gather with a new person. They will run away and hide behind their family. At ages between 18 months – 2 years, they talk to self and jabber expressively. They have learned many words and this is time to explore their vocabulary. They use 2 or 3 word sentences like “dady bye – bye”. At ages between 2 -3 years, they have many vocabulary items up to 500 words. Thus, they can use simple phrases and sentences like “dady coming”. They will be more talkactive at ages between 3 – 4 years. They will ask many things such as what, who, where, why questions. If they look at a strange thing, they will ask like what it is, where it is and etc . They will ask whatever they look. At ages between 4 – 5 years, children recognize some letters. Parents can teach them to write and read a simple word. They might spell the letters one by one. Therefore, parents must be patient when they teach their children. Finally,children can write some letters and numbers at ages between 5 – 6 years. They can write their first name and parents’ name. They also can read some simple words. At this age, children are ready to enter an elementary school. Those are the child language developments generally. After we know the child language developments, we can teach our children based on their age.


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