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My Lovely House
Look at that picture! That is my house’s map. My house is like my neighbours’ houses, very usual. It consists of eight rooms. They are a guest room, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and three bedrooms. On the left bottom there is a guest room. It is about 2 metres wide and 3 metres length. There are four chairs and one end table. The colour of wall is white because my mother loves white very much. Besides the guest room, exactly on the right bottom is the first bedroom. That is my parents’ room. It is not really big. It is 3 metres wide and 3 metres length. The north of my parents’ room is my room. It is really big because it is built for two people, Shera and I. It is 4 metres length and 3,5 wide. There are a bed, a cupboard, a dressing table, two desks, two chairs, and one shelf. Next to it is the living room. Our living room is big enough. It is almost similar with my room. The colour of wall is blue. Besides it, exactly the north of it is the dining room. The colour of wall is peach. There are six chairs and one long table. We usually use them when we eat. The east part of the dining room is my brother’s room. It is 2 metres wide and 3 metres length which is same with my guest room. There are a bed, a cupboard, and a shelf. My brother seldom uses the shelf. Behind of it is the kitchen. My kitchen is my everything because I usually spend my spare time all day in there. I love cooking very much so I usually clean it. The colour of wall is brown. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom. My bathroom is 2 metres wide and 3 metres length. It was very comfortable in there in a sunny day. My father and I usually clean it every two weeks. For Addition, in front of my house there is a flower garden. That is mine because I like gardening. There are roses, orchids, jasmines, and tulips in there. It just has 50 centimetres wide and 1,5 metres length. Okay, that is my house. How about yours? 

By :
Sherly Rasdiana Puteri P.


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