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As a college student, I can see many differences between high school students and college students based on my experience. Many people also think that high school students are different, but actually they have many similarities. Both of them are the same in general purpose, social relation, and in getting some opportunities. High school students mostly come to school to study. They must study some objects such as Science, Mathematics, Languages, and many more. Related to social relation, high school students are making friendships and some of them are joining school organizations like student council, scouting, or something like that. They can build a social relation with people around them whether friends or teachers, even with other people in other locations or schools that they do not know before. High school students also have some opportunities especially in getting scholarships. Some of them are fighting to get a scholarship to support their needs in learning. For instance, they found an announcement about a scholarship so they will prepare themselves in case they want to get it. They might study hard to get a good mark as one of some requirements in getting a scholarshipor they might active in student’s organizations. Actually they have many ways to get those opportunities. Likewise high school students, college students also have similarities in those things. Most of college students enroll the university to learn some courses more deeply. For example, when I was in high school, I studied many objects including English and I have wanted to learn English more in the university so I enrolled English Department. College students are also making friendships whether in campus or outside campus. They mostly feel free to share many things by friendships. Some of them are joining organization as well. College students also have many chances in getting scholarship. They will know the information about scholarships from the faculty, the internet, and also their friends. Although many people said that high school students and college students are different, they still have similarities in general purpose, social relation, and in having some opportunities especially to attain scholarship. People should change their point of view anyway. On the other hand, in every similarity, there will be any differences. If we talk about the differences between high school students and college students, there have been so many opinions about that. Let us say in their fashion style. In high school, the students must wear a uniform. For example, from Monday to Thursday they wear white-grey uniform, on Friday they wear a scout uniform, and on Saturday they wear batik. Actually, the uniform in one high school is not always the same with others. It depends on the school’s rule. Meanwhile, college students must not wear uniform every weekday. They can go to college wearing any clothes they want as long as it is polite or allowed in their own faculty or university. The other dissimilarity between high school students and college students is in their time they spend in the school and in the campus. In general, high school students only spend their regular time in the school. For example, they go to school in 7 a.m. up to 2 p.m. and during the time they should be in school. It is different from college students who spend their time in the campus not only in regular time but also in extension. It means they could spend their time almost a whole day. It shows an analogy that campus is the second home to college students. High school students and college students have distinction in preferences as well. For example, high school students prefer to call their teacher by teacher than lecturer, but college students call their teacher by lecturer. Other examples, high school students prefer mentionthemselves are studying an object rather than say they are taking a course like college students. The other difference between both of them is their manner. They have a different manner especially in study. High school students still need directions from their teachers in study. Their teachers mostly guide them in study by a conventional way and it affects the students’ manner. It is able to make them lazy to find out by themselves the main point of the object that they learn. Of course, it is quite different frommost of college students who are accustomed to learning independently. Their lecturers still provide directions, but the students must be active in learning. Being active or passive is kind of manner to college students which is influence the learning process among them. For example, before the lecturers give the course, the lecturers mostly ask their understanding about the section that they will learn. After knowing how far the students’ comprehension, the lecturers will share about the main point of the section and the students should develop their comprehension. This learning process enables college students to set up their independence. So, we can see that among the resemblances between high school students and college students, there are many differences such as their fashion style, their time that they spend in the school or in the campus, their social relationship, and their manner as well. However, both of them are unity in diversity.

Luh Gede T. P.D.


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