Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

English is my favorite course in my lifetime. I have wanted to master it since I was in the Junior High School, but there are some obstructions to me in learning English. The factors that hamper me in learning English are internal factors and external factors. One internal factor is laziness. Sometimes, I am lazy to do my English assignments which especially are repeatedly such as grammar and writing assignments. Because of my laziness, I become a procrastinator in doing my tasks. For example, in my writing class, the lecturer asks me to make a good writing, but I might not good in grammar which influences my writing so my writing should be revised again and again. The problem is the virus of laziness comes into me myself when I want to revise my writing. I delay the time and being a procrastinator until the latter. I know that is bad and I am still trying to control it by submitting my writing tasks including its revision on time. Another internal factor is my ability in learning English materials. It is quite difficult for me to understand what the speaker says by only listening once or twice. I think I need more listening practices to increase my listening skill. It is almost the same with my capability in speaking skill as another internal factor that holds me up in learning English. I am not fluent yet in speaking English. Another internal factor is my adversity to remember new vocabularies and its meaning in a short time. I do not know exactly why, I just often forget, and I think it is just passing through my head and then fading away. Besides, the other factor that obstructs me in learning English is external factors. One external factor is my unsupported surroundings. When I was in the Junior High School, I did not have partners in learning English. I did not feel free to use English, for instance in my daily conversation. Whenever I spoke English outside the class, my surroundings especially my friends will say I was ostentatious, arrogant, etcetera; whereas actually I wanted to learn. They did not care. I also faced the same thing in my Senior High School, even with my friends who were joined English Club.  Another external factor is the pressure. Actually, I hate to work under the pressure. It makes me complicated and sometimes I lose my ideas. For example, in facing English tests, I know I should be fast because of the limited time, but it is not easy to me. I might be nervous so I lose my mind. I hate this moment. In brief, whether intern or extern factors, those are obstruct me in learning English. I am still trying to control those factors. As the time goes by, I hope I will be able to master English well. J

Luh Gede T.P.D.


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