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Septian Tri Jayanti (120221414996)

TV can give positive and negative effects on the children. The effects can be seen in the children’s development of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects. The first one is the cognitive aspect. The positive impact of TV to the children’s cognitive is they are able to gain their knowledge. With TV children’s knowledge can grow rapidly along with the development of technology. There are a lot of positive things which can be taken from TV, such as information about the latest news to increase children’s knowledge. General knowledge can be used to develop themselves in the future. While, the negative impact on children's cognitive is a simple-minded. When the children too often watch TV and never read, it cause the children will have a simple mindset. The way they think also becomes uncritical and linear or unidirectional. It will automatically give an effect to their imagination, intellect, creativity and cognitive development. The second is the affective aspect. TV’s good impact on children is for entertaining. Children can refresh their mind by watching a variety of entertainment shows from TV, such as movies, cartoons, and other entertainment shows. By watching TV the children can decrease their fatigue and they will not easily get stress. Then the bad impact is they are lazy to study. TV’s language is simple, interest, and addictive for the children. So that the children spent a lot of time in front of TV, even lazy to do something other than watch TV. Obviously this is a very bad impact on the children. It makes the children forget about their main responsibility, which is learning. The third is a psychomotor aspect. Watching TV can give an advantage on children’s psychomotor, which is to stimulate creativity. A lot of television’s program show children's events, such as making toys out of origami paper. When the children watch that program, they can imitate the instruction which is shown on TV. It will stimulate the children's creativity to make a handmade. Besides, the disadvantage is reducing children’s creativity. Every time they get bored, they just push the remote control and instantly find some entertainment; so that on vacation time, such as weekends or school holidays, is filled with watching TV. They seem to have no other choice because they are not accustomed to looking for other fun activities. This makes the children become not creative. I can conclude that watching TV can give advantages and disadvantages on the children. Therefore, to increase the positive impacts or decrease the negative impacts, we have to choose the good television programs for children and remained with the children while they are watching TV.


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