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Septian Tri Jayanti (120221414996)

A lot of people say that I look like my mother. However, both of us are actually different in some aspects, such as personality and physically look. My mother is 48 years old now. Characteristically, she is kind of a hard-working mother. She always wakes up early in the morning, precisely at 04.30. After praying, she is preparing for breakfast. She does it every day without complaining at all. Besides, our physically look also different. My mother’s height is only 150 cm. She has a bright skin. She has a pointed nose, but she is annoyed with a mole next to her nose. In the other hand, I am very different from my mother. I am younger than her. Now, I am still 20 years old. However, characteristically, I am not the type of person who is diligent as my mother. Every morning, I just wake up at 04.30. After praying, I am preparing all my needs for college. Therefore, I am not always helping my mother preparing the breakfast. Physically, my height is only 157 cm. However, I am taller than my mother. My skin is not as bright as my mother’s; it is darker. If my mother is annoyed with her mole, I am annoyed with my flat nose. Even my mother is always making fun of my nose. It makes me so annoyed.
Besides those all differences, as a family we have several similarities in some aspects too, such as physical look, personality, and hobby. Physically, we have the same eye shape. Our eyes have a round shape with beautiful eyelashes. Both of us are wearing a glasses and veil. It makes us look alike from afar. A lot of my friends are envious with it. My mother and I have one same character, which is chatty. We always comment on something which is not suits us. If it were so, our comments would become lengthy. It is because we will respond to each other's comments. We also have the same hobby. We love to watch some television programs together, which are korean dramas and Opera Van Java. Every afternoon we are going to watch korean dramas together. When the sad scene appears, sometimes we will cry together. At nightfall we like to watch Opera Van Java. We will watch it with other family members because this program is a family’s favorite television show. From the differences and similarities between my mother and me above, I can conclude two things. First, because both of us are family, we have something in common. Second, although we are a family, both of us still have differences as human beings.


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