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Septian Tri Jayanti (120221414996)

My favorite part of my house is my bedroom. My bedroom actually is large enough. However, it seems smaller because the stuff there is large. As a usual room, it has a rectangle shape. It is 3,5m x 2,5m. When you open the door, the first think that you can see is my cupboard on the left side. The width is 150 cm and the height is 170 cm. This big large cupboard is white and has three doors on it. It saves many things like my clothes, bags, and some important files. I also put all of my collected-magazines in the upper part of my cupboard. I put a table beside the cupboard which distances 30cm. The table is 110cm x 40cm. There are a lot of things there like books, school equipments, a laptop, and a table lamp on the table. A chair is placed under the table. There is also a window above the table which is not too big. You can see the left yard of my house over the window. About 10cm beside the table, I set the bed there. The width is 1,2 m and the length is 2 m. There are some stuff on my bed like pillows, a bolster, a blanket, and a doll. It is very cozy for me. That is why I can lay on my bed any longer. Beside all those stuff, I also put some posters around the wall. It makes my bedroom look more attractive. In a nutshell, with all those things make my bedroom look smaller.


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