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Children Watching Television
Watching TV is given positive and negative effects, especially through the children. The effects is looked out over from cognitive and responsive aspects.  First, the cognitive aspect is something that influences the children to imitate what were they watched. The positive effects are knowledge development and thinking critical.. Their knowledge will be developing if the programs that they watched are suitable with their age as Bolang, Unyil, and Dunia Binatang. Even though that programs show us the adventure, they can learn what the advantages from the programs as how the human being life, the differences between the species of fish, or how to produce the metal. In addition, they will compare between what were they watched and what were they learned. Besides, they also construct their idea and compare with the object that were they watched. The result of that process is they can think critically about something that they learned. For example, they watched Bolang and the program told about how to make metal become a ring or necklace. So, they will remember the process and try to tell someone else about their knowledge of metal. Besides, the negative effects are criminalism and slothfulness Moreover, watching television causes of criminality as misbehavior (steal, fight, and lie). The slothfulness is a long term effect, because they lack of the motion. Because of the television programs abuse the audience watch the whole program. So, they will ignore something else.  Second, the responsive aspect emphasizes their characteristic as how their response when their mom call while they are watching TV or how they do something else as study or do their exercise after they watch television. However, giving response is simply, it expresses how their symmetricies of concentration. Mostly, they heavier their concentration to watch the program that they like compare with anything else even do their exercises. For example, they know that their favorite program will be show this evening, whereas they have to do their exercises and prepare the subject. They ignore their responsibilities of study and prefer to watch television. So, they will get a bad mark or a punishment. Hopefully, the parents act to control their behavior as they accompany them when watching television or give the specific time to watch television. In addition, the parent has to know which the programs are suitable for their children. In brief, watching TV has bad and good effects. Perhaps the children can be accompanied by their parent as a preventive act to avoid misbehavior is happen. 

By : Maya Puspita Mahanani


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