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I Love Being Myself

                Being a successful person is difficult. Do you believe that everyone can be successful? I am as one of the examples. In 2009, I had to manage my time as well as I can do. Besides, I had to study hard while doing my job. As a waiter in one of the restaurants near my school, I had to responsible for what I had done perfectly. Furthermore, I had to get a good mark for every subject. When I had a break time, study is the important things that I should do. For instance, when I started to work at 3 pm until 9 pm, I had a break time for two hours. So, I used it for study. Probably I had a homework or prepared for tomorrow. Besides, I kept my promise to my parent that I can do both. Fortunately, in the end of the semester I got a good mark. In addition, I got the salary to pay my tuition for the next semester. In 2010, I had to move to another place far away from my hometown. My aunt wanted me to stay with her. I decided to resign from my job also my school. I started from beginning to adopt my new environment and wanted to be an independent person. I had thought that it is not easy but I had to try. I planned to build a restaurant, when I asked my aunt she approved it and would help me to achieve it. My school would be sacrificed if I just focused on my new job. That was the risk that I had to decide which was I should focus to. Moreover, it was difficult I had to try made a business with my own way. In 2011, I encouraged myself to ask my father about was I planned. I was afraid if my father refused it. Luckily, my father agreed and asked me how much that I needed. Eventually, he gave me some monetary capitals to build that restaurant. I had three steps to realize it. First, I should look for the essential location to attract the customer. Fortunately, my aunt’s friend sold his land to us. Second, I tried to look for a distributor who was going to work together with us. So, I tried to call my friend and ask her. Probably, she had a link who someone should I called. It was success. The last, I believed that I could prove it. In brief, being a successful person needs more effort.

By : Maya Puspita Mahanani


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