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[Order of Step]

            To conduct the classroom activity in the process of teaching speaking, one method that can be used is Genre Based Approach. The activities of Genre Based Approach consist of 4 stages. Each stage has its own purpose and activity. The first stage is Building Knowledge of Field (BKoF). This stage focuses on building up a shared experience and cultural context about the topic of speaking. For example, in this case the topic is pollution. We as a teacher can ask students to talk about what they know regarding pollution. In this step they can talk and share about each other’s thought on pollution. They can talk about kinds of pollution, what causes pollution, and the effect of pollution. At the end of this step, students are expected to know about pollution in general. The second is Modeling of Text (MoT). This step introduce a particular genre though a model of speaking that deals with the field that the students have already explored in the stage of building knowledge of field. Again, we use pollution as the topic. After students have the general knowledge about pollution, we can give them the knowledge about how to deliver information through speaking. We can give them how to keep on a topic, how to organize words in speaking, or even basic of speaking such as pronunciations. The next stage is Join Construction of Text (JCoT). The students are already familiar with all of the features of a particular genre, a teacher and students work together to construct speaking that are similar to the model that have already being learnt in the previous stage. In constructing the text, attention should be paid to the schematic structure, linguistic features and knowledge of the field of speaking. We still use pollution as an example. In this step, students should already talk and share each other experience regarding of pollution and also know how to deliver information through speaking. It is expected that they can combine how to deliver information about pollution through speaking with correct schematic structures and linguistic features. The final stage is Independent Construction of Text (ICoT). The students are ready to work independently to produce their own speaking within the chosen genre. Let the students work on their own. In other words, a teacher should minimize their support, scaffolding and interference on students learning process. Continuing the example before, hope that in this step students already have more knowledge about pollution, have the knowledge about how to deliver information through speaking, and is apply to apply both correctly. However, the students not only able to apply it correctly, but also expected to be able to do that by themselves. In brief, Genre Based Approach is a method of knowledge that makes students more active by exploring the content by themselves, and is also make students less dependent on other students and teacher because they are expected to be able to construct a text by themselves at the end.



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