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The children’s language grows and develops at different rates. Have you ever curious at how a child can go from saying just a few words to suddenly producing full sentences in just a short of time? How exactly does language development happen? Here are just a few of the important things a child might achieve in language development between three months and six years. In the third until twelfth month, babies will most likely play with sounds and begin to communicate with gestures. The babies can respond to their name and human voices without visual cues by turning their head and eyes. In this period, the babies also use one or more words with meaning and understand simple instructions, especially if vocals or physical cues are given. During the eighteenth month, babies can understand more than they say and though; and will be able to follow simple instructions and understand you when you say ‘no’ (although they won’t always obey). By 18 months, babies use around 5-20 words. In this stage, the first words usually appear and they will repeat a word or phrase over and over. In their second year, the children’s vocabulary will probably grow to around 300 words. They can combine words into a short sentence. They will understand much of what is said to them, and you will be able to understand what they say to you. They also can use two pronouns correctly: I, me, and you (although me and I are often confused). In the third year, the children have the neighborhood of 900-1000 words. They can understand most simple question dealing with their environment and activities. They able to reason out such question as “what must you do when you are sleepy, hungry, or thirsty?” They also know about chief parts of body and should be able to indicate these if not name. When they are fourth year, the children are a preschooler. The children begin to know the names of familiar animals, colors, and names of common object in picture books or magazine. They can repeat 4 digits when they are given slowly. They usually repeat words of four syllables. The children in this stage often indulge in making believe. In the fifth until sixth year, during the early school years, the children will learn more words and start to understand how the sounds within language work together. They should be using fairy long sentences and should use some compound and some complex sentences. They will also become a better storyteller, as they learn to put words together in a variety of ways and build different types of sentences. In brief, the development of children language increases with the growth of their age.

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