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English is known as an international language. It is learned in various countries, and also in Indonesia to follow the development of technology. In Indonesia, English is introduced to student at the fourth grade of elementary school. However, recently English is also begun to be introduced in the playgroup. Playgroup’s students are children around 3-4 years old. Their emotion is still unstable. Therefore, introducing English for playgroup’s student has to use a specific method. However, introducing English in the playgroup is not difficult if English is taught in a fun way. If the lessons are taught in the fun way, the children can be more enjoyable in learning. There are a lot of easy ways that can be used to introduce English in playgroup students.
To introduce English, the first thing that we have to do is to provide some simple and familiar words. Simple and familiar words mean the words are already known by them. If the words are familiar for them, it is easier for them to understand. For example we can give numbers such as “one”, “two” etc; letters such as “A [ei]”, “B [bi]” etc; colors like “red”, “green” etc; or greetings. Secondly, if the more difficult words are given, it is better to introduce the words that are associated with them and their environment around them. They will find it easier because they can find those words around their life. For example, vocabularies about "profession" are given. So, we can give them some words like "teacher", "police" or "farmer". By introducing simple words associated with the environment around them, then they will more easily memorize the words.
The words that already introduced might be forgotten by them. Therefore, we can make them memorize the words by fun teaching. The most important thing is we have to use a fun way. If the interesting way is used, they will not get bored. For example, the vocabularies such us numbers, letters and colors, we can make it into a song. Through the song, they will not aware that they do memorize. For example is alphabets song. Beside that, they will not get bored even if it is repeated every day. The least important thing is memorizing by repeating. The repetition can be given with practice every day or ask some question to the students. For example, students are accustomed to saying "good morning" to the teacher every morning at school. Otherwise we can ask a question about English such as “what is biru in English?” before they go home. In brief, by repeating the words and making fun lesson, we can make the children memorize words in English faster and easier.
Beside the method, we must also pay attention to the setting of place too, especially for the classroom. We have to make the classroom more comfortable as well. The students’ seats are placed in the middle of the class. We also can place many kinds of object in the classroom. For example, we can put some picture such as fruit or animal pictures in the left side. Then, the blackboard, that the teacher used to explain something, is in the front of the class. A few steps in the right side, we can put a whiteboard that can be used to stick some of the students’ works. A cupboard that saves some toys and various beams is placed one meter behind the students’ seat on the back side of the class. All of the objects can be the stimulus for the children. With using some objects, it can attract students’ attention. Then, they will be more concern to the lesson.
By joining the best method and setting of place can make the effort of introducing English to the playgroup student becomes easier. It indicates that introducing English to the playgroup students is not difficult. We can begin by introducing simple or familiar words and also some words which are associated with their environment. However, sometimes students are not interested in learning English. So, the lesson must be given in a fun way. Many kinds of object can be used for the lesson to make it become easier to understand and memorize. For teachers and parents who want to introduce English to the children from an early age, create a pleasant atmosphere while learning. In addition, you should never force your children if they do not want. It will be better to let them learn by their own will.


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