Hissha stands for Hearty, Intelligent, Scrupulous, Sophisticated, Hilarious, and Art-minded. Hissha is from Japanese means writer. Paragraph Writing Class - English Learning and Teaching 2012 - State University of Malang

A child can do many amazing things. Language is one of the most amazing things that she/he is capable of. To have an ability how to speak fluently, a child has to pass five stages of language development. Firstly, when a child is zero up to six months, the child begins to produce cooing. Cooing is basically the production of letters to become vowels. In this stage, a child makes a great deal of noises such as squeal, squeak, growl, yell and gives us raspberries. Another thing that a child can do in this step is she/he tries to give responses to human voice with cues by turning her/his head and eyes. Secondly, it is about six months to around ten months. A child produces somewhat more complicated sounds called babbling. In this step, she/he tries to practice her/his vowels more precisely. She/he starts to say several words such as ooo, aahhh, uuhh and so on. Then she/he tries to say more complicated front vowels like ee, eh, and ay. The first consonants are h, m, and b, can be combined with the vowels to form syllables. Soon, she/he can add p, t, d, n, w, f, v, and y. A little while later, she/he adds k, g, and ng. Thirdly, in eight to twelve months a child tries to make syllable variations like “badugatadudah”, she/he tries to call her/his daddy with “dada”, makes a simple response phrase such as “No” and other response depends on how creative the child is. Fourthly, in one up to two years old, a child begins to understand for about fifty words, uses mostly pronoun like me or mine and she/he begins to know a few simple commands with gesture and understands simple questions.  Fifthly, for about four up to six years old, her/his vocabularies increase to a thousand up to two thousand words, she/he can arrange four to six word sentences, three to four syllable words, usages of articles is start appearing, even uses more adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Besides, she/he can comprehend around two thousand words, understand if phrase. Moreover, she/he follows complex directions. However, it is not the end of her/his language learning. In short, the steps of language development are really outstanding to master. In view of that, if anyone wants to understand about language development, she/he can start learning from children progression.


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